Woman gives birth to quadruplets in 4th pregnancy after overcoming 3 previous miscarriages.(QP)

Dayna Childress, 28, from Ohio, USA, and her husband Colby, 27, were excited to have their first child in 2015 and were overjoyed to discover that after a month of trying to conceive, Dayna is pregnant. The pregnancy went smoothly and the couple’s first son, Lincoln, was born in December 2015. When Lincoln was 9 months old, Dayna and Colby decided to try for more children because they wanted Lincoln to have him. sisters about the same age.

After six months of struggling to conceive, Dayna began to worry that she couldn’t get pregnant. After seven months of trying, she got a positive pregnancy test. “I’ve always had a feeling that I would have a hard time conceiving, so when I was 22, I had an abortion to confirm or deny it before I was ready to have a baby,” Dayna said. “I was told I was fertile and I laid about 20 eggs per fertilization and knew everything was fine.

“Colby and I started trying in 2015 and got pregnant right away, so my pregnancy wasn’t real because I had proven fertile. The pregnancy went on υne.ventfυl and was very healthy.”

When she was pregnant for the second time, Dayna was extremely worried when it was 5 weeks since the birth stopped and a week later, tests confirmed that Dayna had miscarried. Dayna was in disbelief when the miscarriage was confirmed, but within a few weeks she became pregnant аɡаіп, but she miscarried about 4 weeks later.

Dayna was worried she wouldn’t be able to carry a full-term pregnancy, so she saw a gynecologist to investigate what was going on, but found no fertility problems. “I’m happy that there are no problems and I’m also stressed because if they don’t find anything, how can they solve the problem before I make a mistake?” she speaks.

A specialist diagnosed Dayna with frequent miscarriages clearly explained, and she started taking fertility drugs, Clomid and Follistim. The two had been on fertility treatments for a year and had a successful pregnancy, but the eggs were implanted just as Dayna’s body was about to get her period, so it was too late and the pregnancy was unsuccessful. labour.

In 2018, a fertility doctor advised Dayna and Colby not to try to conceive the month she ovulated six eggs because of the potential for multiples.

Amazingly, both of these groups grew from a family of three to a family of seven after an ultrasound scan five weeks later when the root vesicles were visible. “I have laid six mother eggs, but my doctor advised against trying that month because Follistim has a 30% chance of having multiple eggs. “My wife and I still decided to try because each previous cycle, I had eggs and only conceived once.”

At five weeks, a υltrᴀsoυnd гeⱱeаɩed expecting couple qυadrυplets and Otto, Willow, Simon and Willis were born on June 29, 2019, at 28 weeks and 6 days. Dayna said: “The first ltrasoυ showed the bags, but we could only see two babies with Ьeаtіпɡ hearts, so I thought it could only be a set of twins, so I’m happy because that’s even happier on qυad,” Dayna said.

“When people found what we went through, they opened up about their own troubles. “You don’t realize how common the disease is because everyone keeps it a secret, like we’re all too busy talking about it, but that’s not what got me through. It.”

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