With the slogan: “dogs are friends, not food”. The poor man went around to rescue dogs at risk of being sent to the slaughterhouse

The homeless man has a kind heart despite being poor and has no shelter, but he is determined to take care of more than 20 dogs and not let others take them elsewhereWith a homeless situation, Mr. Vo Van Thanh (54 years old, native of Binh Duong) daily roams the streets of Ho Chi Minh City collecting ticks and bottles for a living. At the intersection of Hong Bang Street with Nguyen Thi Nho (District 5), a picture of a three-wheeler containing nearly 20 dogs, with the sign “Do not sell dogs. Dogs are friends. Not food” is pasted around the car. , always create curiosity with passersby.Người đàn ông vô gia cư chăm sóc bầy chó hơn 20 con ở TPHCM - 2

According to Mr. Thanh, due to family events, his wife left, and his two addicted sons went to prison, so he resigned. In 1996, he went to Saigon alone to work as a housekeeper. When he witnessed the scenes of pubs near his work butchering dogs, he felt very sorry. “At that time, I went to work to try to save 600,000 VND to rescue a pair of dogs from the slaughterhouse. Bring the two of them to live together to watch the project, but the owner did not allow dogs. So I decided to quit and buy one. a push bike, taking two dogs everywhere to collect ticks and bottles for a living. Nearly 30 years of living on the street, I adopted many more dogs. Up to now, the number of dogs I have adopted has reached 23. I love them like my own children,” Thanh shared.Người đàn ông vô gia cư chăm sóc bầy chó hơn 20 con ở TPHCM - 3

Knowing his special situation and affection for the dogs, many people came to visit and help. “The money earned from bottle ticks is very meager. I am old, plus a degenerative spine disease, which makes me unable to work hard. But I am fortunate to have many people who love dogs come to help. give money, people give food to feed the dogs. This three-wheeler was also donated by a sponsor,” said Mr. Thanh.Người đàn ông vô gia cư chăm sóc bầy chó hơn 20 con ở TPHCM - 5

Every night, Mr. Thanh sleeps in the attic of the car’s doghouse. The barn door was carefully locked by him to prevent dog theft. The car always lights up with a fully charged battery in the morning at auto repair shops. The cost of each charge is 30,000 VND, used for about 3 nights.Người đàn ông vô gia cư chăm sóc bầy chó hơn 20 con ở TPHCM - 14

“After many years of wandering, my dog ​​and I finally have a place to call home. Although it is still wild now, but the rent is cheap, I hope to soon renovate the land into a dog farm. In order not to have to carry the dogs everywhere, but to use the car as a means of transportation, earn extra money to take care of “the children”…”, Mr. Thanh hopes.Người đàn ông vô gia cư chăm sóc bầy chó hơn 20 con ở TPHCM - 1

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