When her second daughter was not even 1 year old, a mother from the UK gave birth to three lively babies, increasing the family’s total to 5 children. P

When her second daughter was not even 1 year old, a mother from the UK gave birth to three lively babies, increasing the family’s total to 5 children.


Just 2 months after welcoming her daughter Mya, Becky Johns from England received another incredible piece of news: she was expecting another set of triplets. So, within only 11 months of becoming a mother for the second time, the 30-year-old woman from Swansea, Wales, found herself taking on motherhood for the third time. And in this extraordinary instance, she welcomed 3 babies simultaneously. Johns recounted, “When strangers paused to admire my 4 children, they couldn’t believe I had welcomed all 4 in less than a year. It truly does seem unbelievable. I was genuinely shocked to discover I was pregnant with triplets.”


Becky Johnson and Jason Evans, the couple, already had a firstborn daughter named Kayla, who is now 9 years old. In February of last year, baby Mya came into the world. Shortly after welcoming their second child, they decided to pursue another pregnancy. Almost immediately after the birth of their second baby, Becky Johnson became pregnant again.

The mother of five looks back with happiness, saying, “Kayla is growing up, and I wanted Mya to have a sibling closer in age. Jason and I initially thought it would take a while to conceive again. But just 2 weeks later, I saw the pregnancy test showing 2 lines. So, it took only 1 week for me to become pregnant. At that point, I started feeling anxious about how I would manage two babies so close in age. But I also felt confident that I could do it.”


Recalling the moment she received the news of being pregnant with triplets, Becky Johns emotionally recounted, “I stared at the ultrasound screen to make sure it was true. I even counted each heartbeat. Indeed, I was pregnant with triplets. All three were conceived naturally, and each one from a different egg – this is also an extremely rare occurrence. The doctors told us that this is the healthiest way to have triplets, as each baby would have their own amniotic sac. This means there wouldn’t be a risk related to any of the babies having to share the same sac.

When we shared the joyful news with our family and friends, everyone thought we were joking. Jason has a playful nature, so nobody believed him for real. Even when Jason showed the ultrasound image of the 3 babies in my belly to my sister, she still couldn’t believe it.”


Becky Johns’ pregnancy progressed smoothly. The three siblings were born via cesarean section at the end of January this year, as she entered her 34th week of pregnancy. The joyful mother shared, “At that point, I was so large that I could hardly move. The doctors decided to deliver my babies preemptively, in case I went into labor earlier than the expected due date. If I were to have a vaginal delivery, the risk of complications during childbirth could increase. We didn’t want that to happen, so I scheduled a C-section. I was extremely nervous and anxious as I entered the operating room, but at the same time, I felt incredibly excited and eager to welcome the three babies.”

One by one, the three siblings entered the world, including baby Ryan weighing 2.2kg, baby Rayah weighing 1.9kg, and baby Phoebe weighing 2.1kg. All of them were perfectly healthy. Becky Johns recounted, “My children only had to stay in the hospital for about 6 weeks and were allowed to come home in March. Our home is a bit more crowded now, but it’s truly wonderful. Kayla is especially thrilled to have 4 siblings in such a short span of time.”

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