(video) The dog was attacked by a wolf and no one knew how to help. Only a dog house for shelter

A Great Pyrenees named Bo was in a dire situation after his owners left him for dead after he had been attacked by coyotes and never taken to the vet.

When Faith Toahty of Street Dog Rescue & Recovery in Oklahoma came to get him she found him covered in mange and ticks too.

After trying to coax him out of the dog house she figured she would need to leash him to get him to come. That didn’t go so well and he fled under the house.

After nearly an hour of trying, she finally managed to pull him out. That’s when Pyr Paws and Fluffy Tails took over and began to nurse him back to health.

And just look at Bo’s Before and After!

Soon, Bo came to the attention of Patricia Williams. She saw his pictures and knew she could help him get better with her experience in rescue as well as give him a home.

She said it took half a year for him to realize he was home but now he is one happy dog and Patricia “just loves him” and is very happy she got him.

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