Video The dog spends hours a day in the water playing with dolphins. Friendship without borders

We often think of dogs as man’s best friend and there are certainly countless examples when this is the case.

But Ben the dog has a very different best friend — and it’s a friendship that will warm your heart.

If you ever travel to the beautiful Tory Island, off the northwest coast of Ireland, I recommend you take a trip to the harbor.

No only is the scenery breathtaking but you may see a Labrador dog hanging around. If you then watch what this dog does every day, I guarantee it will melt your heart.

Ben the dog is a bit of a local celebrity on the island with a huge personality who always enjoys a good adventure.

So, when he suddenly started heading to the harbor each day and then disappearing for hours at a time, the villagers became curious.

Every morning this sweet dog shot down to the harbor, where he threw himself into the waves and swam into the cool water.

It soon became apparent that Ben had a friend waiting in the water. And not any friend … but Duggie the dolphin.

Duggie often likes swimming around the fishing boats in the harbor. And when this unlikely pair happened to bump into each other, it was love at first sight.

Duggie and Ben’s friendship might be a bit strange to some — I mean, it’s a dog living on land and a dolphin who lives in the water, but these friends do not care.

They love to see each other so they can swim around and play in the waves for a long time!

Almost every day, Ben and Duggie meet to play and have fun together. Talk about wonderful friendship!

This beautiful clip has got over 10 million views on Youtube, and when you watch it you’ll see why.

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