“Video captures pooch’s touching moment of freedom from years of shackles”

Dogs are lovable creatures that make us happy. Meet Herschel, a dog who endured years of mistreatment, but eventually found salvation and happiness through rescue efforts.

Homeless German Shepherd Dog Screams Like a Person When He Sees Ocean First Time! (Amazing Reaction) – YouTube

Herschel, a German shepherd, suffered terrible mistreatment from his owner who kept him locked up in a garden without any form of love or care. The poor dog was so desperate to escape his miserable life that he chewed on his chain until his teeth were almost worn out.

The Rescue Dog’s Heartbreaking Reaction To Seeing The Ocean For The First Time

After a while, they brought him to an animal shelter. Sadly, two other families who had initially taken him in returned him to the shelter, admitting that they could not commit to having a permanent bond with this solitary dog.

The life of the unfortunate dog took a turn for the better when Found Animals, an animal rescue group, came into the picture. Upon learning about Herschel’s unhappy past, they made the firm decision to ensure that he never goes through the distress of being brought back to the shelter again.

The ideal candidate that Hershel was searching for has been located – a person with an unwavering and profound affection. To make Hershel’s transition easier, they arranged an exciting day for him, introducing him to new activities. Hershel got to savor a puppuccino, play in the snow, and indulge in a burrito before moving into his new abode.


Despite being a newbie to the ocean, he thoroughly enjoyed his first encounter. He was over the moon with excitement and couldn’t help jumping around in ecstasy. Listening to his account of the experience is bound to tug at your heartstrings.

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