Two wild dogs never leave each other. So the orphanage broke the rules so far

Numerous stories about animals periodically prove that they, like people, have feelings, fears and resentments. Therefore, they need loving, caring friends. Separation or betrayal of the owner can cause severe mental trauma to the animal.

The dogs Sisi and Chewbacca were also deprived of shelter and ended up in a shelter due to the fact that small children were born in their family and the owners decided to abandon them.

Once in the animal protection organization, located in the US state of Iowa, the animals were together all the time and supported each other in a difficult situation.

The shelter staff always saw two friends lying in an embrace. Despite the big difference in size, Sisi and Chewbacca, who became related, were strongly attached to each other. Together, it was easier for them to survive the fear and bitterness of loneliness that any abandoned animal experiences.

The strong friendship of the dogs touched the staff of the shelter, who made an exception for them. Contrary to the rules of the organization, it was decided to attach Sisi and Chewbacca to the same owner, so that the couple would never part.

Employees of the animal protection organization published pictures of dogs on the Internet, and thousands of users learned about their history. Thanks to this, we managed to find a family ready to shelter Cece and Chewbacca at the same time. Now loyal friends will be able to live together with loving and caring owners.


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