Two sisters with eyes that attract people to look at each other

Young Philadelphia residents Megan and Morgan Boyd charmed the planet with their looks.

Beautiful girls attracted attention not only as “the most beautiful”, but also “fascinating”, “unusual”, “fantastic”.

These epithets are most often used in the comments of images of girls by Internet users.

Yet all of this is true!

One look at the image of Megan and Morgan is enough to realize: girls are the owners of a non-standard appearance.

They are African American girls with blue eyes.

Stephanie, the mother of Megan and Morgan, recalls: when her daughters were born on June 6, 2011, she realized that they had unusual eyes.

She began to often share images of the girls on the web.

So they became stars almost from the first days of life. If Megan’s eyes are crystal blue, Morgan’s are different: one is blue, the other is brown.

This feature is called heterochromia.

A rather rare phenomenon that affects less than 1% of the population.

Note that the different color of the iris of the right and left eyes (or the different color of different areas of the iris of one eye) is the result of a relative excess or lack of melanin.

Morgan inherited the unusual eyes.

The girl’s uncle and great-aunt had heterochromia. But they were not African Americans.

Stephanie Boyd notes that the difference in eye color is an extremely rare phenomenon in dark-skinned people.

According to her, heterochromia in her daughter is “a blessing for the family”.

The girls’ mother notes that they like to be the center of attention, participate in the filming.

They think it’s fun. Young stars are gently warned that fame can negatively affect a person’s life.

And in order to prevent this from happening, the father of young beauties teaches them not to react to the negative and ignore it.

“97 out of 100 people treat them with kindness, so focusing on the good, not the bad, allows you to lead a peaceful and happy life,” the father says.

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