Touching story: The police officer who adopted a stray dog was rescued on a patrol day in heavy rain

On a damp and chilly afternoon, NYPD Officer Michael Pascale stumbled upon Joey, a small black dog, while driving through a public park in his patrol car. The poor pup was huddled amongst discarded needles and beer bottles, looking lost and vulnerable.

When Officer Pascale stumbled upon a dog tethered to a fence with a heavy chain around his neck, he immediately noticed the dog’s dire condition. The poor creature was shivering uncontrollably, soaked to the bone, and clearly abandoned. As Pascale looked into the dog’s pleading eyes, he knew he had to act fast. Without hesitation, he scooped up the pup and brought him to the Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter in Brooklyn. As he dried off the grateful dog with a soft towel, Pascale felt a special bond forming between them. He didn’t just see an animal; he saw a soul in need of love and care.

After spotting a pitiful puppy, he sent a photo to his wife who instantly responded with a request to adopt the poor creature. The couple was onboard with the adoption of Joey, but there was one problem to overcome – the mandated 72-hour stray hold. Officer Pascale was informed by the ACC that the pup would need to stay in their custody for that amount of time to allow any distressed owners to come forward. Even if an animal appears neglected or mistreated, there could be someone searching for them. Despite their new bond, Pascale had to leave Joey behind for the time being. However, he kept his promise and visited the duo every day, forming a closer relationship with them each time.

After a long wait, the stray hold was finally lifted, and Pascale could adopt Joey. Completing the necessary paperwork, they bid farewell before leaving the shelter.
As they headed home, Joey’s playful affection and Pascale’s determination to protect him from harm ensured a happy beginning to their new life together.

An End that is Both Perfect and Imperfect
The story of a once-hungry and scared stray who is now a cherished and respected pet is heartwarming. Joey, the former stray, now loves exploring New York City with his dad and snuggling on the couch with his mom. Officer Pascale has observed that Joey has become a Mama’s boy, which is quite endearing.

Joey is such a likable dog and he proves it on his Instagram account @Joey Good Doggo. But like any other dogs, Joey has his flaws too – he has a habit of rummaging through the garbage and hates going outside when it’s raining. However, despite his imperfections, he remains satisfied and loved. Ultimately, all a pup wants is to be adored.

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