Tips for coordinating clothes with a youthful and stylish wide form t-shirt. (QP)

Wide-form t-shirts are an indispensable item in the summer because in addition to being cool and comfortable, they also have the ability to ‘ʜᴀᴄᴋ’ their age and are extremely ‘easy’ in the mix.

The wide form t-shirt is simple, but can be transformed with many different styles, especially without thinking, we still have a set of costumes that are both dynamic, youthful, healthy and fit. Stylish, personality, attractive. However, to do so, first of all, you should refer to the 5 ways to coordinate with women‘s t-shirts below to grasp a few tips for yourself.

1. Wide form T-shirt and jeans
If you are still wondering what to wear with a loose t-shirt, this is the simplest and most perfect answer. Mixing t-shirts with jeans is not a new or unique idea, but they are considered a combo that ensures beautiful, fashionable wear and is suitable for almost any object or situation. You can even wear this set all year round without worrying about being boring or out of fashion because just a little ingenuity when mixing & matching, this duo will become more interesting and attractive. Therefore, if suddenly one day you don’t know what to wear, feel free to be creative with loose-fitting T-shirts and jeans because they are simple but easy to wear, youthful and stylish.


2. Wide form T-shirt and skirt
The somewhat relaxed, liberal look of wide form t-shirts often makes some people think that they are not suitable to mix with skirts. However, if you pay attention, you will see that this is one of the most popular and even popular combinations of girls with youthful, dynamic and modern fashion sense. In particular, this duo also has the ability to “weigh” all styles from femininity, tenderness to personality, so it’s only a matter of choosing the right item to dress well.




3. Wide form t-shirt and wide leg pants
Wide-form T-shirt and wide-leg pants are one of the extremely suitable couples in the summer thanks to the comfort and coolness brought to the wearer. Therefore, if you want to have a simple set but still stylish and trendy on hot days, especially to conceal good legs, then absolutely do not ignore this “super” duo. However, be careful to choose for yourself a pair of pants with a moderate length, the tube is not too wide, and at the same time, neatly wear a T-shirt to avoid being “swallowed” as well as create a more effective leg-stretching effect.




4. Wide form T-shirt and shorts
Wide form t-shirt is one of the items that are quite basic and easy to wear, but it makes many girls with small bodies “creep”. With the way of mixing with shorts , this worry of you can completely be resolved thanks to the effect of stretching and even helping the legs to be slimmer. In addition to jean shorts, fabric shorts or khaki shorts are also pretty great options, so we can mix and match according to our preferences. A small hint is how wearing a stylish T-shirt to hide your pants will help you thoroughly strengthen your proud legs, so if you have this strength, don’t be afraid to take advantage of it to dress up both beautiful and flattering.




5. Wide form t-shirt and overalls/skirt
To create comfort as well as newness for familiar bib skirts or overalls , you can mix them with wide form T-shirts. With good transformation, this item can be combined with both soft, feminine and cute style, so we can freely mix & match. In addition to basic colors such as black and white, you should also try to choose t-shirts with outstanding colors to get a more eye-catching and dynamic set. However, give preference to items that are not too wide and have the right size for pants / overalls so as not to make your look messy and overloaded.


As one of the easy-to-wear and easy-to-remix items that can create youthful and stylish sets in a split second without having to think much, wide-form T-shirts always receive a lot of favor. Therefore, if you want to “score” for your style, besides shopping, remember to save a few good-dressing recipes above so that you can wear a wide-form T-shirt all year round without worrying about running out of ideas.

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