“Thumbelina’s Unstoppable Journey: From Deformed Legs to the Chance to Walk Like a Normal Dog”

Have you met Thumbelina, the adorable husky/German shepherd mix? She’s searching for a loving forever family who can help her with her one-of-a-kind hot pink wheelchair. This sweet pup is like a princess in search of her own castle. Could you be the ones to give her the happy ending she deserves?

A rescue dog from Texas is in search of a permanent home after a long journey to New York City. The dog was taken in by Heart and Bones, a foster-based rescue organization, after being surrendered to a veterinary practice outside Dallas. The dog was born with malformed front legs, making it difficult to use them like a regular dog. The veterinarian suspects that this deformity is due to reckless breeding techniques. Although the former owner is no longer able to care for the dog, Heart and Bones is confident that someone will want a companion like Thumbelina. Thumbelina, a year-old husky/German shepherd mix, has learned to walk on the backs of her paws with her shorter front legs. However, a visit to the vet showed that this walking style could lead to future health problems. Despite this setback, Thumbelina is an amazing special needs canine who deserves a loving forever family.

The animal rescuer observed that Thumbelina seemed content walking on all fours, despite the fact that she walked on fur instead of paw-pads. However, their vet colleague was worried that this could lead to wear and tear on her front arms and cause spinal problems in the long run. To address this concern, Hearts and Bones, the rescue group that adopted Thumbelina, raised funds to purchase a pink wheelchair for her. After learning to use it, Thumbelina moved from Texas to New York City with the help of Hearts and Bones. She now lives with Megan Penney, a pet foster who has nothing but positive things to say about the pup’s progress in managing her wheelchair and interacting with other dogs.

Thumbelina has been enjoying her time at various locations such as the beach, park, and streets of New York City where she has been winning hearts with her charm. However, she is eagerly waiting to find her forever home. According to Seeling, Thumbelina can adjust well to any household, provided the owner is patient. It’s important to note that she may appear shy initially. Penney, who knows how to take care of special needs pets, assures potential adopters that taking care of Thumbelina is not as challenging as it may seem. The only requirement is that the owner can carry 42 pounds as Thumbelina might need assistance in getting in and out of her wheelchair. Moreover, the house must have an elevator, ramp, or level surface to aid her mobility. Other than that, caring for Thumbelina is no different from looking after a dog with fully grown front legs. Recently, Squeaky Clean Dog Grooming in NYC gave Thumbelina a spa day to make her look even more adorable for her new family. Pride + Groom, a pet care company, sponsored the makeover and also donated items to animal shelters.

Thumbelina is ready to embark on the next chapter of her life with her new forever family. For those interested in adopting this adorable pup princess, simply visit Hearts and Bones website to submit your application. However, for those who are unable to adopt at the moment, Hearts and Bones encourage you to consider fostering instead. Just two to three weeks of fostering can make a significant impact on a dog’s life. It’s no secret that shelters are overcrowded, and by fostering, you can help alleviate some of that strain. Additionally, dogs who have been fostered have a better chance of finding their forever homes because they become accustomed to living in a house, making them more adoptable. So, why not become a foster parent and help make a difference in a dog’s life?


According to Penney, it’s important to remember that even a small studio apartment is far more comfortable than a cramped cage in an animal shelter.

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