This mother dog walked two miles on broken legs to find a vet to save her cubs!

Although the mother dog was injured, she bravely led the veterinarian to her cubs
The mother dog, despite having a broken leg, guided the vets for two miles to reach her puppies.

Upon discovering a Greyhound with a broken leg limping into a market in Vera, Spain, psychologist Liane Powell noticed the dog’s emaciated and sickly appearance and promptly took it to a veterinarian for treatment.

During the veterinary examination, it was discovered that the Greyhound was lactating, indicating that she had recently given birth to puppies. Knowing that finding the fragile babies was now a matter of urgency, the vets attached a collar and long lead to the mother dog and followed her lead. According to vet Ellen Sobry, “She knew where she was going.”

The vets speculated that the mother dog had recently given birth in the vicinity. However, they were astonished when Vera, as they named her, led them straight to her puppies, who were discovered in an abandoned car. Inside the vehicle’s back seat, they found ten tiny puppies.


The puppies were found to be in good health and well-fed. After receiving leg surgery, Vera was said to be recovering well and her only concerns were eating, caring for her puppies, and resting. Although a little shy, she was not too fearful, according to vet Ellen. The veterinarians are collaborating with the Ibizan Hound Rescue in Murcia, Southern Spain, to locate suitable homes for the orphaned dogs once they are deemed healthy enough to leave the clinic.

Southern Spain has gained notoriety for the large number of abandoned greyhounds, referred to as galgos, due to mass-breeding aimed at producing excellent hunting dogs. Vet Ellen noted that the winter season is especially harsh for the breed, as many owners tend to abandon their dogs during the off-season and purchase new ones when the hunting season resumes.

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