They cut 2 kg of wool from a dog and turned into a very handsome dog

The owners abandoned the dog named Arlo. And he’s only two years old…

He didn’t have good care. This does not require any special evidence. Just look at the dog. He was so neglected that he was completely overgrown with hair. And so that the wool covered his eyes, and Arlo could not see anything because of this. The dog all the time hit either a tree or a wall …

But he finally got lucky. He ended up at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. There he was urgently cut, washed and turned into a hand-written handsome man.

The shelter workers are preparing another surprise for him. They are looking for new and caring owners for Arlo .

Interesting details. To bring this shaggy dog ​​back to normal, it took three people to work at once! The whole procedure took 2 hours. They cut 1.8 kilograms of wool from Arlo!

Now everyone can see that in fact Arlo is not a shaggy monster, but a slender, strong dog. And he has beautiful eyes.

Look at the photo. That’s what a cute and wonderful dog was hidden under a mop of long, dirty and tangled wool.

The dog itself became much easier after the bath and hairdressing procedures. According to the shelter staff, Arlo became happy.

And everyone working at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home hopes that soon there will be a person who will take Arlo to him.

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