The touching story of the warm friendship of adopted deformed dogs has gone viral in the animal lovers community.

Picasso and Newt, two dogs with physical abnormalities, have developed a strong bond after being adopted by the same family five years apart. Liesl Wilhardt, the founder and director of Luvable Dog Rescue, has offered a glimpse into the inseparable friendship that has formed between the two furry friends.

Liesl Wilhardt, the founder and director of Luvable Dog Rescue, recently shared heartwarming footage of her two dogs, Picasso and Newt, who have facial deformities. The two dogs have formed an unbreakable friendship and live with Wilhardt in a vast 55-acre land property in Eugene, Oregon. Through a series of videos showcasing their daily lives, including feeding, playing, walking, and berry picking, Wilhardt offered her followers a glimpse into their special bond. According to Liesl, it’s a miracle that Picasso survived infancy due to his condition, which made nursing from his mother nearly impossible.

Newt has faced numerous obstacles, but surprisingly, his lack of upper jaw hasn’t been the biggest one. Despite this, both Newt and Picasso are big fans of people and love to socialize and be greeted by them in public. Wilhardt shared a peek into their friendship through various videos showcasing their daily activities such as feeding, playing, going on walks, and even picking berries together.

Liesl explained in 2017 why her dog Picasso has a unique appearance. According to her, Picasso’s jaw grew crooked, but veterinarians have assured that he feels no pain. Although eating can sometimes be a challenge for him, he is otherwise perfectly fine. When people see Picasso, they often do a double take and stare at him for a while, trying to figure out what they are seeing. However, Liesl assures everyone that Picasso and his canine friend Newt are not in pain and have adapted to their physical challenges. Picasso and Newt love to play and wrestle, and their friendship has deepened over time. Liesl loves both dogs and considers them to be intelligent, loving, happy, and funny. Picasso even has his own Instagram account, where he has gained over 274,000 followers.

Liesl is a compassionate animal rescuer who has saved countless disabled creatures. Her 55-acre forest land serves as a sanctuary for dogs, cats, chickens, and even pigs, some of whom have become best friends with the famous pig named Picasso. Among her other furry friends are five Pit bulls with unique names like Buddha, Nenna, Piggy, Owl, and Maverick, as well as a pug-chihuahua mix named Hazel. Liesl has also rescued five pigs, including Bernard, a KuneKune, Debbie, an enormous Yorkshire pig, JackJack, also a KuneKune, and Donut and Nanners, who are Yorkshire pig hybrids. Furthermore, Liesl has taken in numerous cats and their litters, while adopting ten dogs and a pig named Pax herself. Most of the dogs at the rescue center come from overcrowded shelters in California where they struggle to find homes. Liesl spends several hours every day preparing food for the animals, feeding them, and maintaining their living arrangements, which she shares with them on her property.

Numerous dogs under Liesl’s care suffer from various health conditions that require surgery or amputations, which she covers the expenses for. As of 2021, she has hired six individuals to assist in taking care of the animals on a full-time basis, and they regularly take the dogs out for hikes. Additional volunteers come by throughout the week to take the dogs for walks, spend time with the pigs, and socialize with the cats and kittens. Liesl, who established Luvable Dog Rescue 22 years ago, spoke about Picasso in 2017, stating that he had an exceptional temperament. After realizing she had developed a fondness for Picasso, she decided to keep him as part of her family. Nowadays, Picasso spends most of his time helping individuals with disabilities or illnesses as part of Liesl’s rescue program. In the picture, Picasso is interacting with a woman in a wheelchair as part of the program.

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