The puppy is very weak, the mother dog can only beg for help from passersby

When a mother dog cried out in pain, it seemed like she was pleading with us to help her badly hurt baby.

She didn’t keep trying to react as we carefully lifted her son, who had two deep cuts, and put him in the ambulance.

We couldn’t take her with us because she had to watch over four other babies.

We would do everything we could to save her baby and bring him home, and we hoped she would understand.

Her little one was so brave that he never fought against getting his wounds dressed.


But he still had a problem. His wounds hurt so much that he couldn’t walk for a few days.

We didn’t know if the nerve damage was going to last or not. But Taggle was comfortable while he was getting better, and even though we fell in love with his sweet personality, we knew there was something very important waiting for him when he got home.

Watch this amazing family reunion between Tiggle and his relatives.



Watch the full amazing story in the video below!

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