The new fashion style “light-catching dress” is being favored by female stars.(QP)

The bright material dresses were chosen by Alicia Vikander, Alessandra Ambrosio… when coming to Cannes 2022.

The 75th Cannes Film Festival takes place in France from May 17 to 28, attracting many guests who are actors, models… on the red carpet. On the sixth day of the event, actress Alicia Vikander appeared in a metallic Louis Vuitton dress. The design includes a crossed bra, accompanied by a high-waisted skirt. Sequin material has the ability to catch light, helping her stand out on the red carpet.


Also on May 22, Miss France 2014 Flora Coquerel stood out on the red carpet with a sexy style. She chose a thigh-slit dress, covered with many sequins and beads.

Before Vikander and Coquerel, many other beauties also chose this material to impress. At the premiere of “Three Thousand Years Of Longing,” Alessandra Ambrosio flaunted her figure in an Alberta Ferretti sequin and sequin mermaid gown. Curved corrugated iron design, matching diamond necklace in the form of a beam.

At the premiere of “Smoking Causes Coughing”, actress Anaïs Demoustier chose a metallic Christian Dior sequin dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence at the 2018 Oscars.

Armani’s high sequin dress was chosen by Anne Hathaway when promoting “Armageddon Time”. The 39-year-old actress accentuated her look with a matching Bulgari necklace.

Sequins are small glittery pieces used on clothing or fabrics. Sequins are usually round, multi-colored and made from a variety of materials, most of which are plastic with a metallic sheen.

This material is believed to have originated from the time of pharaoh Tutankhamun around 1341 to 1323 BC. According to the Smithsonian Museum of America, when King Tutankhamun’s tomb was excavated in 1922, archaeologists saw glittering gold sequined costumes. Historians say that for people at that time, sequins showed the status and wealth of the owner. Because sequin in Saudi means “coin”. In Egypt, India, and Peru, sequins were also believed to have anti-evil effects. In the fashion industry, sequins were widely used, exploding in the 1970s, when disco style took the throne.

Model Caroline Daur wore a Valentino pink dress made of countless pieces of glitter at the premiere of “Coupez!”.

Sexy Eva Longoria in Cristina Ottaviano’s silver, split-breasted dress when coming to enjoy Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick”.

Model Frida Aasen chose a pleated metallic dress with a bold chest split.

Metallic is a fabric woven from yarn with a metallic luster, mainly with a gold and silver luster. The shimmer of the metallic fabric dominates that of many textured fabrics, giving it a gorgeous look.

The style of wearing metallic dresses exploded in the 1930s. At that time, women gradually asserted themselves, focused on appearance, attended many gala dinners. On the catwalk over the decades, metallic is back, loved by many designers and one of the trends that never goes out of fashion.

Actress Katherine Langford scored with Prada’s sequin dress. The design is outstanding, so she refrains from jewelry, wearing only a thin necklace and small earrings.

Model Jasmine Tookes wore a silver sequin dress that showed off her belly and back by Zuhair Murad on her third day in Cannes.

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