The mysterious Pallas cat lives on the highest mountain on the planet.(QP)


A group of scientists out on a field trip stumbled upon an amazing and utterly charming discovery – the existence of rare felines residing in the lofty Mount Everest.

“Finding the elusive feather resident of the world’s highest peak”

Up until 2019, the elusive Pallas’s cats or manuls have managed to evade detection. Recently, two of them were discovered living somewhere on Mount Everest’s Southern Flank. This discovery is not only significant for researchers and conservationists around the world but also incredibly adorable for others who appreciate these cute felines.

“Finding the elusive feather resident of the world’s highest peak”

Pallas’s cats are a unique species that share similarities with regular domestic cats, but with some adorable differences. These cats have short legs and thick, fluffy fur that gives them the appearance of cute, chubby stuffed animals. Despite looking large, they’re actually small and lightweight due to their fur that provides insulation from cold weather. They are skilled climbers, making it easy for them to scale rocky crevices and cliff faces. It’s no wonder these wild creatures have chosen Mount Everest as their habitat. However, Pallas’s cats are aggressive and definitely not suitable as pets. Nonetheless, just looking at their photos is enough to bring immense joy.

With their adorable wide faces and conspicuously large ears, they could easily pass for characters out of a cartoon. These delightful creatures can be seen hopping around the slopes of Mount Everest, going about their business with a carefree attitude.

According to Dr. Tracie Seimon from the Zoological Health Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society, it’s amazing to find evidence of this uncommon and extraordinary species in the highest part of the globe. This was mentioned in an article for the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Further studies will assist in identifying the precise number of Pallas’s cats that inhabit the area surrounding Mount Everest. These investigations will also play a crucial role in safeguarding these felines, ensuring they can thrive and enjoy their habitat to the fullest.

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