“The miracle of sacrifice: She gave birth without eating for a month and was continuously eaten by worms”

A story about sacrifice and life

In the dark room of a ruined house, darkness crept in but did not dim the stray rays of light. An ongoing story of sacrifice and vitality, a story of a woman and compassionate hearts.

The owner passed away more than a month ago, leaving her son to live a wild life. But fate was unforgiving, that boy also abandoned her, leaving her alone and unhappy. But one thing no one can predict is the reproductive ability of earthworms.
We, the volunteers, noticed signs of life in the belly of the woman in the midst of death. If these babies survive a month, they will greatly increase the worm population. The woman had nothing to eat, only a puppet ravaged by hunger and anemia.
The night was terrible and we went looking for her. The stench spread everywhere, but the spirit of hope still lived forever in our hearts. And when we found her, in the darkness, she was still smiling ironically at the last of her freedom.
We did not hesitate and started first aid work. First, clean the wound, apply medicine, inject saline, and remove the worms one by one. She did not eat, did not drink, and endured constant pain from the earthworms that ate away at her body.
The sacrifices don’t stop there. We were worried not only for her but also for the innocent, immature children, the tiny creatures she carried in her womb. We deworm, treat, and care for them like family.
This story of life and compassion is a testament to the power of kindness and the spirit of hope. Even though surrounded by darkness, humans still have the ability to create light.

Let’s spread this story together, let it inspire and encourage everyone, so that every creature on this planet has a chance to live and hope for a better tomorrow.

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