The masculine fashion style of superstar Tom Cruise. (QP)

Tom Cruise favored neutral-toned suits at the movie’s red carpet. In real life, he always shows his strong look through dusty leather jackets.

Tom Cruise’s fashion style 1
Tom Cruise is one of the veteran actors of Hollywood. He is best known for his role as secret agent Ethan Hunt in the series Mission: Impossible. In addition to his acting ability, he was once voted by Vogue magazine as one of the most fashionable actors in the world. Whenever he appears at movie premiere events, he always prioritizes elegant suits with a comfortable figure.

Tom Cruise’s stylish style 2
Neutral-toned suits are always the actor’s first choice. His clothes are often the same color. All create a neat whole every time he appears in public..

Tom Cruise’s fashion style 3
Tom Cruise often wears clothes with a comfortable figure, suitable for the image of an action actor.

Tom Cruise’s fashion style 4
The suits on the red carpet of Tom Cruise often consist of 3 layers with minimalist plaid patterns to bring an elegant and masculine look like a European gentleman.

Tom Cruise’s fashion style 5
The most prominent feature on each set of Tom Cruise is the accessories. He often chooses an item to highlight the outfit like sunglasses or a colorful tie.

Tom Cruise’s fashion style 6
Tom Cruise’s casual clothes are often simpler. His masculinity is still expressed by the use of suede jackets.

Tom Cruise’s fashion style is 7
His signature outfit combination is usually a T-shirt, straight-leg jeans with a masculine suede jacket and turtleneck boots.

Tom Cruise’s stylish style 8
Sometimes, the actor also shows a youthful image with colorful coats.


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