The kind man sold all his possessions to raise a wild dog farm, and they were all well taken care of.

The animal lover lost his pit bull due to cancer, so, he decided to dedicate his life to caring for abandoned dogs as he found it the best solution to go on after his loss. Antonio bought a piece of land to take care of the dogs he rescues from the streets.

The man left his job and prepared the land to take in the most puppies in need. Antonio went to the streets and slept there to find the abandoned dogs. He took in 800 dogs which means that he has to have enough money to feed them and take care of them.

200 kilos of food is what the dog consumes every day in addition to medical supplies and medications. There are also 2 employees and a cook to make food. Despite the big burden, Antonio said that he never regrets what he has done.

The donations are the lung of his shelter. How great!

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