The Italian Hound has 87.2 thousand followers because he has such an expression… like a human. (QP)

The initial purpose of keeping the dog was to alleviate sadness, and it did its role very well.

People with chronic illnesses often feel lonely and depressed because of it. That’s many individuals choose to have pets in the hopes that they will accompany them through their illnesses.

Just like many other patients, Kayla Harvey had a pet dog named Penelope the Goose. This dog’s unique and vivid expressions have even made the online community burst into laughter.

The distinctive and somewhat human-like expressions of Penelope the Goose can make a weary day feel lighter and happier.

Penelope the Goose is an Italian Greyhound, with gray fur, and is now three years old. Kayla Harvey, from Gardner, Kansas, adopted her three years ago when she was only eight weeks old.

Originally, Kayla Harvey wanted to have a companion when her youngest daughter was about to start kindergarten, so that she wouldn’t have to stay alone in loneliness.

However, after posting a few photos of Penelope on Facebook, Kayla realized that people loved her unique appearance and expressions. So Kayla Harvey created an Instagram account for her beloved pet dog.

Currently, Penelope has a whopping 87.2 thousand followers on Instagram. Everyone considers Penelope a true fashionista with a wide range of expressions.

“I adopted Penelope when she was just an 8-week-old puppy. I suffered from a chronic illness, and my youngest child was starting school at that time. So I felt really because I often got sick and stayed home. Penelope is very different from other dogs. She is truly gentle, kind, and adorable,” shared Kayla Harvey.

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