The inseparable dog duo at the animal shelter.(QP)

CC, the tiny dog, has found her favorite spot nestled atop her companion, the giant Chewbacca, as she cozily burrows into his magnificent fur.

“Almost every time we pass by their kennel, CC can be found either perched on Chewy, draping herself over him, or snuggled up against him,” shared Jessica Jorgenson, the spokesperson for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, with warmth in her voice. “Chewy, on the other hand, doesn’t mind in the slightest. They both have a mutual preference for being close to each other.”

Chewbacca and CC share a bond that surpasses mere friendship—they are truly each other’s family.

For years, these two companions have resided under the same roof, where they were cherished and provided with the utmost care and affection.

However, when a human infant with allergies entered the picture, the dynamics changed. The couple found themselves in a situation where they had to seek assistance from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Fortunately, the remarkable news was that they were able to stay together as a pair, as they had been inseparable.

In the kennel, CC often sees Chewbacca as her own personal cushion, snuggling up to him for comfort.

Surprisingly, despite the noticeable difference in size, they enjoy walking together side by side, creating an endearing sight.

During a recent day excursion organized by several volunteers from the shelter, it became evident that Chewbacca and CC share an unmistakable bond. Not only do they sit closely against each other in the car, but their relationship is truly remarkable and heartwarming to witness, as observed by Jessica Jorgenson.

There is only one remaining task for these inseparable companions—to find a forever home together.

Chewbacca and CC possess the expected qualities of kindness and good behavior, making them an ideal addition to any family.

They have demonstrated compatibility with both cats and other dogs, expanding their potential for adoption to out-of-state families, although a visit to the shelter is required to meet them.

Their desires are simple: regular walks and a comfortable couch for Chewbacca to relax on, with CC nestled beside him.

UPDATE: Exciting news! This bonded duo has found their forever home together! They are now part of a loving family that includes two other dogs and three adorable piglets.


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