The image of a stray dog lying on the ruins of a construction site because of exhaustion after giving birth has touched thousands of hearts.

Around the world there are thousands of dogs that do not have the security of a good home. Probably, you have come across some without stopping to help them, or perhaps at least they have generated compassion for you, but what is indisputable is that a homeless dog should never be indifferent to us .

And it is especially the mother dogs who carry a real cross on their shoulders, having to watch over their pups, conceived in the midst of scarcity, desolation, hunger and helplessness on the streets.

It is the drama of this dog and her puppies who were rescued from a construction site in India.

Tired of struggling to survive on the street, and despite the fact that her strength to get up and move on was gradually leaving her, she hugged her little ones between her paws to protect them.

Just like the best mother in the world would do, giving her last breath for her children.

Fortunately, a passerby noticed the plight the dog was in, and immediately contacted the heroes of Animal Aid Unlimited , who rushed to the scene.

The devastating image of the dog clinging to her babies fills our hearts with sadness and helplessnesslittle dog
“This confused and desperate mother nearly passed out after giving birth on a construction site. We were so happy that a sensitive passerby called us to help her with her new babies and we took them all to our hospital where she was able to recover from the trauma of such a troublesome birth,” the rescuers reported .

Thanks to this sensitive person and the rescue group, today the fate of this beautiful furry family is different.

These were very difficult moments that this brave and self-sacrificing mother lived through who refused to succumb.

Their lives changed for the better from one moment to the next and now they will have the quality of life they always deserved.

“The babies are progressing well now, after their mom has rested for a couple of days . We will spay her once the babies are old enough to be weaned,” they added in an Animal Aid post.Then they made a clear warning that should be broadcast throughout the world:

“Always keep an eye out for construction sites, because where there is demolition, animals may inevitably have lost their homes.”

In its first 7 years of life, a dog can procreate up to 150 puppies , which is why the situation of these animals has to do mostly with a problem of public awareness.

There is still an infinity of animals living in these conditions of indignity around all the streets of the world, for which this organization in India, as well as others worldwide, are open and ready to receive news of this type and help when necessary. .

It is impossible for an image and a scene like this not to move us inside. It is unfortunate to think that like her, hundreds of female dogs fight tooth and claw to raise their young, while humans pass by her, indifferent.

We urge you to raise your voice for all the furry homeless who survive on the streets , victims all their lives of hunger, mistreatment and cold. They did not ask to come into the world and be abandoned!

There is a lot of pain in the world before which we are indolent and many times we pass by without wanting to listen, but what we cannot under any circumstances is to participate in animal suffering.

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