The hero dog refused to leave the goats behind in the terrible fire, but insisted on staying to save them and bring them to safety.

A heroic dog by the name of Odin saved a herd of goats and many deer. Despite the horrific flames that ravaged Sonoma County, California, he wouldn’t leave them behind. The Great Pyrenees named Odin refused to give up his guardianship when Roland Hendel and his family were forced to leave their rural estate.

ABC 7 News heard from Hendel, who said:

He was adamant about keeping the goats, so I had to agree.

The eight rescued goats could not be removed from the farm, but he was able to keep his other dogs and cats safe. Hendel worried that his devoted dog and his cherished goats would meet a terrible end.

“Odin wouldn’t leave our family of eight rescued, bottle-fed goats, despite the noises of exploding propane tanks, twisted metal, and swirling winds. We cried for Odin and our goats after finding some kind of safety some hours later. He was certain that he had sentenced them to an awful and torturous death.

Hendel was allowed to go back to the property, which had been entirely destroyed, days after the roaring fire subsided. Odin and his goats were unexpectedly discovered to be alive.

“In addition to his 8 goats and many little deer who had flocked to him for refuge and protection, we discovered Odin burnt, beaten, and feeble. Odin was frail and walked with a limp; his once-thick and attractive fur had become orange, and his whiskers had vanished. I am shedding tears of thanks and admiration for his bravery and commitment even as I type this.”

Odin is healing from the stress of the fire that he miraculously escaped and has been reunited with his family and Tessa, his canine sister. His family suffered a complete loss, but they are making every effort to start again before winter arrives.

The family described the tragic loss:

“Since our pump was destroyed, we are unable to provide them with fresh water. Every building on our property, including the barn we painstakingly renovated for them earlier this year, was destroyed. Winter is on its way.”


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