The guy who saved 350 dogs! I find them on the street, take care of them and help restore people’s trust

Mansurov Farid, a resident of Baku, created a shelter for dogs near the city, but not ordinary ones, but crippled ones. Under this, he gave his summer cottage, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich is 20 acres.

The shelter was called so: “Good world.” The very first patient was a dog who lost a paw after an accident. The second was a small, homeless puppy. Farid saved him from both hunger and cold.

Today, 350 four-legged animals live in this shelter.

Farid clarifies the principle of selection to the Good World. These are disabled animals, crippled dogs or sick dogs. Only those who are in trouble are saved here.

Also in the shelter you can see dogs that do not at all resemble crippled or sick. But they have wounds “inside” – these are deep psychological traumas. So, there are two shepherd dogs here, which Mansurov simply bought from their former owner. His dogs lived in the most appalling conditions. Moreover, they sat on a short chain, the size of which was no more than half a meter …

Farid took as his goal not only to treat dogs, to restore their health. He wanted to restore the animals to their former trust in people.

Some parents from an early age instill in their children a disrespectful attitude towards animals, they do not see a big sin in the fact that children sometimes torture animals. And then, Farid emphasizes, moms and dads lament where such cruelty comes from in their grown-up children. It is necessary, on the contrary, from the very beginning to teach children love for everything that surrounds us: for nature, people, animals.

Anyone can adopt a dog from a shelter. There is only one condition: he will have to take good care of his new friend and love him.


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