The girl’s feelings when reunited with her long-lost dog

moneysavingbasics notes that a previous version of this article incorrectly identified Rebecca Norris DiNapoli as the chief rescuer rather than a witness at the reunion.

Saturday evening, while Fergus and his owners were at a stoplight, a car rear-ended them and changed their lives.

Fergus, a 200-pound Irish wolfhound, was ejected from the backseat when a car traveling at 50 miles per hour slammed into their vehicle. The dog, stunned, stood up and began to limp away.

Fergus’s sister, Meredith McKay Luckett, told The Dodo: “Within seconds, my father had already exited the vehicle and was searching for him, but he was gone.” As you might imagine, he was so terrified that he simply fled.

Luckett and her family immediately notified the community of Fergus’ disappearance, and within minutes, tens of thousands of people from all over Nashville gathered to assist in locating the large dog.
Within thirty minutes of the accident, people were searching the entire area for Fergus, according to Luckett. We had rescues involved in setting up feeding stations, and we did everything possible to follow leads.

The days passed with no sign of Fergus, but the community did not give up hope. “At any given time, within two miles of the accident site, vehicles were driving slowly with their flashers on,” Luckett said. It was remarkable.

Then, on Wednesday morning, when hope was fading, Luckett received a phone call. “I was still asleep when my phone began to ring and they told me, ‘We have your dog,’” Luckett explained.

Luckett was relieved to learn that her family’s loyal dog is finally safe. “He is undeniably a gentle giant,” said Luckett. “He’s a bit of a diva and he adores being indoors, which is one of the reasons we were terrified of him being outside. Unquestionably a pampered pet.”

When Luckett arrived at the residence, which was only half a mile from the accident scene, Fergus’ mother was already there.

Upon reuniting with Fergus, Luckett rushed to her mother’s side and cried uncontrollably. Fergus joined in, nuzzling up against her shoulder and howling in response.

“Clearly, it was an emotionally charged reunion,” Luckett stated.


Fergus was taken to the veterinarian for treatment of his crash-related injuries. “He has a long road ahead of him,” Luckett said. Currently, we are solely focused on restoring his health.

However, he is currently resting at home with his family, who are overjoyed to have him back.

Luckett added, “I thought he was spoiled before all this happened, but now he is being treated like a king.” People have been requesting to send him gifts, and he has received a few new toys and treats as a result. We’re just making sure he’s comfortable while he’s living the dream.”

If you want to help Fergus, Luckett requests that you make a donation to your local animal shelter.

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