The fox is scared and confused when it gets stuck in the lid of the trash can.(QP)

In the morning, the teachers and staff arrived at a secondary school in northwest London. They immediately noticed that there was someone in need of human assistance on the premises.

Next to the school, there was a trash bin with a little fox cub trapped in its lid. It couldn’t free itself and looked incredibly anxious in the presence of strangers gathering around it.

Someone quickly contacted rescuers to come and help the animal.

Of course, the little cub was frightened by what was happening. When the rescuers arrived to aid it, it became even more scared.

One of the rescuers named Eduan hoped that he would be able to free the animal from the trap quickly and easily, but he realized it was impossible. It seemed that even the cheeks hindered pulling the fox cub out of the predicament.

Eduan decided that the cub needed to be carefully cut out of the trash bin lid. With one hand, he protected the animal from the blade, and with the other, he made a slit through which he later extracted the cub.

After the rescue, the cub was taken to a veterinarian to ensure that it was in good health. Once the vet confirmed that the fox cub was fine, it was released.

The teachers and staff working at the school were delighted to see the little one confidently heading straight to the den where the rest of the foxes were. It was evident that it knew exactly where it was going.

It’s fortunate that everything ended well.


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