The dog was stuck on a giant cliff and had to be rescued by firefighters.(QP)

What goes up must come down. Even if it needs help getting home.

There are few things that we love doing here more than talking about how awesome firefighters are. Thankfully, they keep giving us more and more chances to sing their praises every day!

Today’s story comes to us via Seymour, Conn., where a tri-colored pupper named Charlie had been missing from his home for five days. The good news: Charlie was found on Tuesday. The bad news: He’d somehow gotten himself stuck 150 feet above the ground on a ledge in cliff face. And, as is often the case with many pets—both dogs and cats—Charlie had managed to get himself into a spot he was not able to get himself out of.

Cue the first responders! In this case, they came in the form of the Great Hill Hose Company, which is just a spectacular name for a group of volunteer firefighters. This particular chapter of volunteers has been serving Seymour’s west side since 1947, and it was ready and willing to spring into action on Tuesday to help reunite Charlie with his people. It was a multi-crew effort that included a technical-rope rescue team from nearby Hamden as well as four-wheelers supplied by crews from Oxford as transportation up the cliff.

The whole operation took roughly four hours from soup to nuts and resulted in a happy ending: Charlie was secured by ropes, lowered down the cliff, checked out by a veterinarian, and returned to the waiting arms of his relieved and happy family.

“We’d like to gratefully thank our mutual aid partners for their help at this incident,” Great Hill Hose Company said in its Facebook post about the rescue. “We are happy for the positive outcome and hope Charlie remains in good health.”



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