The dog received an honorary diploma, wearing a cute hat and cape when his owner graduated for a job well done

This adorable service pooch was awarded an honorary diploma when his owner got her grad school degree, and the ceremony photos are so sweet!

Griffin, the four-year-old loyal service dog stayed by his owner’s side throughout her studies for a Master’s in Occupational Therapy at Clarskon University, Potsdam—so logically, it made sense for him to be recognized, too.

Griffin looked as pretty as a picture as he donned his doggy gown and cap to receive his very own award!

The dog’s owner, Brittany Hawley, 26, has chronic pain and uses a wheelchair and has always wanted to graduate by her best companion’s side.

“I pushed for him to graduate from Day One. He did everything I did,” she said.

The sweet golden retriever helps Brittany turn on lights, open doors, fetch her phone and other items. But most importantly, he is her best friend, always by her side no matter what.

The university’s board of trustees presented Griffin the award, saying he demonstrated extraordinary effort, steadfast commitment and diligent dedication to the well-being and student success of Brittany.

So Griffin walked faithfully by her side as he received recognition for his actions.


Brittany posted the sweet images of the moment on Facebook, and wrote, “Two and half years ago me and my “man” GRIFFIN, moved to Potsdam, NY to start grad school!

“We were moving to a new place, learning how to become a working handler/service dog team, learning how to take care of each other, and starting a new adventure together!

“Today we finished this crazy, fun, and exciting experience and achieved my dream of graduating with a Master’s of Occupational Therapy! We got to see our family, aka roommates, and classmates! I can’t wait to see where we go next GRIFFIN!

“I am blessed that God allowed you to be by my side through the last two and half years. Excited for the adventures ahead of us!”

And she won’t be leaving his side any time soon. She plans to stick with her loyal companion throughout her job application process.

“I couldn’t participate in anything without him. I’m so used to him being there,” she said.

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