The dog named Labrador was abandoned by his owner, scared to hide in the corner. But one photo saved his life

He had hope that his beloved owner would come and take him to the park where the dog often walks. But the Labrador found himself in such a terrible place, where it smells only of death…

In North Carolina, US state, lives a certain Tammy Graves. In her free time, a woman visits shelters where homeless animals live, takes photos and publishes them on the Internet.

Volunteers in this way intend to find new, good owners for abandoned dogs. And if this is not destined to happen, then no one’s and useless dogs will be euthanized, thereby freeing up space for the next discarded dogs.

On her last visit to this shelter, Tammy remembered one of the dogs very much. Then she posted pictures of the dog on the shelter’s website, complete with excited text.

The text read: look at the result of when the owners, cooled by the dogs, transfer them to the shelter. A day ago, this cute “boy” woke up at home on the couch, waiting for delicious food, happily jumped into the car, thinking of running in a large park. Or see a veterinarian. However, instead, the owner brought him to those 275 dogs that bark in despair, where there is only the smell of death, and a huge lock hangs on the doors.

Dogs that no one takes away are often taken away somewhere. None of them come back here anymore. The new “boy” does not yet know what awaits him …

And it is not his fault that he was born in the house of irresponsible owners. Now he is terrified, sitting in a puddle of his urine. He’s too scared to look these people in the eye. He, apparently, wants to merge with the wall, otherwise why is he huddled in a corner like that? Wants to be invisible. Dreams of avoiding a terrible end. The indifference of dog owners leads to such a mocking finale.

Many thousands of Internet users have sent this letter to their friends. Hundreds immediately announced their intention to adopt Cash, this desperate black dog. But today the Labrador lives in a new, comfortable house with loving owners.

The dog comes to his senses slowly. But within the walls of the orphanage from which Cash was torn out, hundreds of living beings are still languishing, waiting for a sad ending…

Every dog ​​is admitted to the shelter for one reason only. Its owners were satisfied with the “toy” and decided to get rid of it.


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