“The devoted dog daily visits the grave of the deceased owner, touching people’s hearts”

A dog who was deeply saddened by the death of his owner kept visiting their grave every day. The loyal pet had become heartbroken, losing its interest in food and disappearing from home regularly. Nobody knew where it was going until it was discovered that the dog was paying tribute to its deceased owner.

The beginning of this tale takes place in Turkey, where Oztuk Ismail stumbled upon a homeless dog on the streets. Being a kind-hearted soul, he welcomed the furry pup into his life and gave him the name Zozo. The bond between the two quickly grew as Zozo enjoyed spending time with his new owner, who also grew to love the affectionate dog.

Oztuk Ismail left this world on February 10, 2014, leaving behind a grieving family. Zozo, the loyal dog, has been the most affected by the loss of his beloved human companion. Even after two years, the dog is still mourning his loss and has been deeply saddened ever since.

According to Oztuk’s family, their dog has been frequently leaving the house and coming back at the end of the day without them knowing where he goes. One day, Oztuk’s son, Oztuk Zafer, decided to visit his father’s grave and spotted an animal sleeping on top of it from afar. As he approached, he discovered that it was Zozo, their dog. Zozo had been visiting the grave every day for two years, unable to cope with the loss of his beloved owner. This heartwarming discovery made Oztuk’s son realize just how much Zozo missed his father.

According to the son, he was the one who first brought the dog to his father’s final resting place. It was unexpected that Zozo would make the daily trek to the cemetery on the outskirts of town, regardless of the weather, to pay a visit to his friend. Despite being unable to communicate verbally, the dog consistently displays its love for its owner through its actions. The previous owner must have been a wonderful person to earn such loyalty and devotion from their furry companion.

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