The couple refuses to abandon their dog and together find a way to escape from the oncoming flood

Adopting a pet is a big choice since they are living beings who require the same care as a kid, not being able to rely on themselves for basic necessities like eating or going to the toilet in a proper place.

That is why anybody who wishes to incorporate a furry companion into their family must understand that it is their responsibility to remain with them through thick and thin, and they must never leave them recklessly, no matter how painful it may be. the present moment

Families in Venezuela, for example, are presently in a precarious situation owing to excessive rainfall in the country’s central region. This is especially true in the state of Aragua, where the catastrophe has already been observed in the village of Las Tejeras, with hundreds of people killed and missing.

The effects of poor weather have already reached Maracay, the main city of this organization. Many people have lost their houses and had to evacuate as a result of the land displacements caused by the Corozal, Palmarito, and El Castao rivers overflowing their banks.

In this situation, families that left the tragedy did not forget to bring their pets with them, as proven a few days earlier in Las Tejeras, and now a similar event has occurred, as documented in a couple of graphs acquired by photographer Andrés Garca

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“In catastrophes, there is also humanity and affection for pets,” Garca said in a post on the social networking site

In these photographs, a couple is seen holding their tiny pug puppy in their arms as they try to find a safe place after escape the muck and water. Many people praised this family for not abandoning their furry sweetheart in the face of adversity.

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