The certificate leaves many teeth marks: perhaps the dog also wanted to be awarded such a certificate, so he competed with the owner.

A degree is not an easy thing to get. We have to devote both physical strength and time. You have to study for many years before you can grab it. Some people study for 4 years, some people study for 6 years.

But it looks like this dog doesn’t want to waste a lot of time studying. It has a better plan to get a degree. That is stealing the degree of the next person.

On the graduation day of the University of Puerto Rico in the United States this year. The graduates gathered to celebrate and reap good memories. by taking pictures with friends and family

And another…no…the other one that Graduate Niyom took a photo with was Tarzán, a dog well known to the university students.

Cristina Ruiz herself was one of those people who wanted to take a picture with the dog. But she was unaware of the plan of stealing his degree. When she bent down to take a picture with it Unexpectedly, the dog snapped her diploma.

At that time, everyone was shocked that he did that. In addition, the dog still fights for a degree and refuses to let go. even if in the end it won’t get a degree certificate

Ruiz’s degree that had been returned was visibly bitten off. In general, if the hard-earned degree is damaged like this The owner must have been very angry with the dog.

But no one was angry with Tarzan, including Ruiz, who had the degree he was trying to take away. She kindly forgave it.

In fact, most people on campus love Tarzan so much, he’s so loved that a statue of him was even built on campus. You can call it the mascot of this university.

Instead of Ruiz thinking her degree was tainted, Instead, she thought it was like getting a celebrity’s signature on her diploma.

And she’s not the only one who thinks like that. All of her friends and family who had seen her degree told her that it was also very special.

It’s good luck for Tarzan that everyone adores and loves him so much. Until forgiving its mischievousness without any grievances and let it continue to be the beloved mascot

Hopefully it will learn quickly. that if you want a degree, you have to study it yourself And next year, it won’t be able to snatch a degree from someone else again.

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