The cat has a majestic fluffy tail resembling a squirrel.(QP)

When we heard that there was a cat out there with a squirrel-like tail, we were delighted.

Meet Bell, a truly majestic cat with a fluffy tail that you might wish you could touch to see how soft it is. Bell’s owner also has other pets, so she’s always surrounded by furry friends, whether they’re cats or dogs.

We are huge cat fans and we hope that you are too. So, when you’re done with this, check out Bored Panda’s previous posts about the wonderful Finnish cat Sämpy, the grumpy cats Bocco and Zuu, a cat whose looks always amaze with their hobbies. poet named Zelda, as well as a woman from Moscow who photoshops cat faces on random animals and objects.

Ricorico_rico, the owner of Bell, has more than 153,000 followers of their pet antics on Instagram. Not going to lie, you guys, Bell’s friends are just as adorable. And the videos of them all playing together make us smile.

Currently, Bell is 3 years old and will turn 4 years old next May. She is a Minuet (aka a Napoleon cat), which is a mix of a Persian and a Munchkins cat (yes, there is a breed with that name). Or by theme meow, Persian x Munchkins = Cat Emperor of France.


Minuet cats are known for their short legs, round face, and dense coat. An interesting fact is that despite having short legs, Minuet can still jump, run and play as quickly as any other cat breed.


Napoleon cats are extremely healthy: they have very few health related problems. That is mainly because Minuets were bred to avoid various health defects that Persian cats suffer from, such as excessive tear formation, blocked tear ducts, flat faces, as well as coats. tends to be frayed.

Dear Pandas, what do you think of Bell and her friends? Do you happen to own a Minuet or know someone? Can you share anything about raising them, what they like and don’t like? If so, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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