“The Bracelet of Friendship: Gentle Eyes Attract the Heart, Urging “Please Stay with Me””

The curious looks and loving eyes of people passing by on the street made the stray dog feel surprised and confused. It was a new feeling that he had never experienced before. That look, gentle and compassionate, seemed to urge him: “Please stay with me.”
Before that, he was not used to human care and affection. But the kind women did not hesitate to caress and share their love with the street dog. They called Fahrudin Caki Bravo, who came and saved him from a difficult life on the streets.
Thanks to Fahrudin’s help and care, the dog found a new home and was well cared for. He will receive his first vaccination, which will help protect his health from infectious diseases.
However, to maintain this new life, contributions from the community are needed. Fahrudin asked people to help with accommodation, food and vaccination costs for the group.
But now, with a cozy home in the European Union, the dog has found happiness and safety. The new family turned him from a street child into a close and loved member. You deserve a new, happy and peaceful life.

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