THE BEST AND HOTTEST VIDEO ON THE INTERNET!!!! Dog plays piano for baby to dance

There are many reasons why we love dogs. They have a kind of cuteness that we just can’t resist. He is also the most loyal friend in the world.And here is another example of having a dog as a companion. How amazing… We’re talking about the beagle hybrid that has stolen the hearts of netizens all over the world. By playing the piano and singing your favorite songs as if you were the owner of the song. The dog’s name is Buddy Mercury, a rescued dog and lives in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, New York, with his owner. His parents are Laurie and Glen Wolfe, and his sister Eve. Besides babysitting, Buddy’s favorite job is playing the piano.

Laurie and Glen first adopted Buddy a few years ago. They noticed something strange. about this dog Seems to be very fascinated by their piano. Moments later it started to stand on two feet in front of the piano. by putting his front foot on the piano and starting to press the buttons with his feet not only that while playing the piano It tilts its head back and howls with all its might as if it were singing. Laurie and Glen swear they never taught her to do something like that. But it does all this alone.

The dog’s abilities impressed the Wolf so much that they didn’t want to keep them in their family. So they started shooting a clip of it. and posted it on social media… As expected, Buddy immediately received a huge amount of attention. Its mini concerts have brought smiles to the faces of millions of people around the world.


There are also child dancers. that makes the concert even more perfect. Although there are many clips of Buddy playing the piano, but netizens only But one clip is the most popular. It’s a clip where Eve participates as a dancer.

A little girl stands next to her four-legged brother holding a toy guitar. and shakes his hips to the beat of the piano as his brother plays the reunion of the two brothers, making netizens extremely excited Even pouring out his heart.This couple turned out to be the cutest and most harmonious band, of course netizens agreed, many saying that Laurie and Glen were very lucky to have a genius dog and a child who is a dancer. .Parents didn’t upload their videos to be famous or show off. But they just want to spread and spread the smile to everyone.

More than that They want to be the voice for more people to adopt dogs As you can see, Buddy is a rescue dog. But it can make people all over the world happy.


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