The baby with chubby cheeks is loved by everyone.(QP)

Thuy Phuong, a young mother from Kien Giang, Vietnam, has recently found her 7-month-old son, Gia Huy, gaining online fame after she shared his pictures on social media. The adorable little one, affectionately nicknamed Banh Mi, has captured the hearts of many with his plump, rosy complexion and, most notably, his irresistibly cute dumpling-like cheeks. Remarkably, his cherubic appearance bears a striking resemblance to the beloved cartoon character Shin from Banh Mi, creating immense excitement and joy among those who come across his photos.

As Banh Mi continues to grow, his daily routine remains consistent and well-established. He follows a set schedule, which includes consuming three 200ml bottles of milk throughout the day, along with two solid meals in the morning and afternoon. At night, around 9 o’clock, Banh Mi peacefully settles down to sleep and slumbers through the night until approximately 6:30 or 7 am the following morning. While various aspects of the baby’s activities and development may have undergone minor adjustments as he has progressed from birth until now, one thing that remains unwavering is his bedtime routine. Banh Mi rarely goes to bed late or wakes up late in the morning, demonstrating a consistent and punctual sleep pattern.

Thuy Phuong’s online community continues to shower Banh Mi with messages, likes, and comments, reveling in his adorable features and endearing resemblance to the beloved cartoon character. The consistent schedule and peaceful sleep routine of this little bundle of joy serve as a testament to the care and nurturing provided by his doting mother. As Banh Mi’s journey through infancy unfolds, it is evident that his delightful presence brings happiness not only to his family but also to those who have the pleasure of witnessing his precious moments.

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