The baby born with white hair won everyone’s hearts.(QP)

Devina Smith was born on May 1 and shocked her family with a magical mane in the color of snow.

Jessica Smith, 27, from Amory, Mississippi, USA, liked her daughter’s Game of Thrones character Daenerys because of their identical silver locks.

Jessica arrives at Gilmore Memorial Hospital to get ready to welcome her into the world. Finally, after a hard time, Jessica gave birth to a baby girl. When she saw her baby for the first time, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. And the nurses and the doctors seemed just as surprised too.

Jessica learned how much she cares for her new baby when she posted a photo of her on social media. People all over the world liked the pictures and complimented her on them. One woman sent her a message saying, “I love seeing her pictures! She is a lovely baby!!! One of the prettiest babies I’ve ever laid eyes on!”

Doctors diagnosed the child with partial albinism. In addition to a vision test, Devina is completely healthy. She doesn’t know about albinism or partial albinism, or what this means for Devina’s existence. However, Jessica’s doctor has told her that, except for the appearance of white hair, she is a perfect person. As she gets older, problems shouldn’t bother her too much; she will only need to go for additional eye exams to make sure they are not damaged, if she wants to be an additional cat with the monitor.

Jessica, a mother of three, said: ‘I never thought she would have hair like that.

“I didn’t know until she gave birth.

“The doctor told me she had a lot of hair before giving birth but was really shocked when I saw her for the first time, she had a lot of hair, it was crazy.

“I had never seen a child like that before; the other children had dark hair, not white.

“I think it makes her more special.”

She said: “She was so tiny, we didn’t dress her up because when we took her to the hospital, a little girl said she looked like a doll.

“When we posted pictures of her, they were viewed many times.

As the pictures and articles spread throughout the internet, a flood of compliments came to me. Jessica was surprised not only by the large number of shares Devina had received but also by the fact that some people assumed the images were genuine.

She then said, “I couldn’t believe how compelling the pictures were. People thought it was photoshopped.” Jessica and her family have confirmed to viewers that Devina’s hair is, in fact, very real.

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