Special Bus: Dog Adventure Bus

In Skagway, Alaska, dogs have been enjoying a special service that allows them to socialize and have fun outside their homes for several years. Mo Mountain Mutts provides a unique experience by picking up around two to three dozen dogs in a bus, reminiscent of a school bus, and taking them on adventure hikes, beach walks, and other outdoor excursions. This service, operated by Mo Thompson and her husband Lee, offers door-to-door transportation, ensuring convenience for their furry passengers.

Just like children on a school bus, the dogs are allowed to choose their own seats while Thompson ensures their safety by fastening seat belts. To keep the journey enjoyable, snacks are also provided for the dogs during the ride.

Thompson and her husband truly enjoy their work, as they have a great time interacting with the dogs and witnessing their excitement. They take pride in providing a service that not only allows the dogs to explore the outdoors but also fosters companionship and joy among them.

The community of Skagway is grateful for Mo Mountain Mutts, as it has become a beloved and valuable resource for dog owners. The service not only ensures that dogs have a chance to exercise and socialize but also gives owners peace of mind knowing that their four-legged friends are in capable hands.

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