So warm : The kind girl adopted 6 disabled dogs, giving them a happy life

Today in all countries there are many homeless dogs and those that live in shelters. If healthy four-legged dogs have a chance to find owners and move into their home, then those who suffer from serious health problems have almost no chance.

But the world, as you know, is full of good people! So, a resident of America named Tracy Fowler is a person with a big heart. At one time, she took in six dogs with disabilities and gave them the opportunity to live happily. What they, persecuted by everyone, could not even dream of …

In the past, Tracy experienced the death of her pet, who died after a long and severe illness. And so that she would not be so morally ill from this tragedy, she took a couple of German shepherds to her house. This was the beginning of her charitable work.

Later, Fowler began to take in shelter dogs that have special physical needs. Today she already has eight such pets. They are very lucky in life!

All these dogs are paralyzed. In order for them to be able to walk and even run, Tracy bought special, wheelchairs, so to speak, wheelchairs for each. All these dogs experienced difficult situations in life, great suffering, until they got to Tracy. So now, thanks to this unique woman, they are not just loved by her. They are truly happy.

Tracy herself says that today she has eight dogs. Six of them are disabled. Plus two German Shepherds that lived here before Tracy started collecting crippled dogs.

All her pets respond to the mistress with love, devotion and obedience. And one more thing: they live in harmony with each other. It is also amazing that, despite their ill health, they actively run and frolic for hours.

Tracy wants to show by her example to animal lovers that they should not turn their backs on those who are injured or sick, that there is nothing bad or terrible in such dogs. In any case, this is no reason not to try to make life easier for them.

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