Ronaldo: The fashion choices that make women all over the world fall in love.(QP)

On the occasion of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, let’s take a look at a few personal fashion styles of the Portuguese football star.

On the evening of August 27, football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo made fans around the world crazy when he officially returned to Manchester United after 12 years. This is a summer sensation when it all happened in less than 72 hours. Before agreeing to join MU, Ronaldo is said to have negotiated with the same city team, Manchester City. However, at the last minute, CR7’s new stop is the “old roof” of Old Trafford.

Not only shining on the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo is also considered one of the most stylish players. Referring to football and fashion, it is impossible not to talk about Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. On the occasion of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, let’s join Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam to review 5 favorite Cristiano Ronaldo fashion styles.

1, Suit, an item when Cristiano Ronaldo appeared at solemn events

With a world-famous player, of course, elegant suits are indispensable. Cristiano Ronaldo is a star that often appears on many red carpets and important events. So the handsome player owns a lot of suits in different styles.

In important events, players born in 1985 often choose suits with traditional designs and main colors such as blue, gray, and black. At more relaxed or entertaining events, the guy in the suit has a more modern design and more youthful color.

Cristiano Ronaldo transforms diverse styles with suits. Sometimes youthful with shorts, sometimes brazen with rolled-up pants, and do not hesitate to use brightly colored suits to stand out at events. The owner of the five Golden Balls not only owns his own fashion brand named CR7 but is also chosen by many brands to be the face of it.

2. Whole-tree denim is true love

Denim is also one of the “gut” styles of the Portuguese player. Cristiano Ronaldo often wears denim of the same color. Or will mix multi-colored denim layers. Sometimes he wears a dark denim shirt with ripped jeans or white pants. He completes the set with sneakers and stylish glasses.

3. Combo of tight pants + dark shirt helps Cristiano Ronaldo show a healthy fashion style

Nicknamed “Ro” because wherever he appears, Cristiano Ronaldo always takes care of his appearance carefully. He once shared that he was “addicted” to taking care of his body. With a height of 1.87 and a toned body, Ronaldo often chooses body-hugging clothes to show off his masculine and strong body.

In addition to T-shirts and polo shirts that are tight to the body, Mr. Ro also often wears tight pants. One of his favorite combos is white pants and a dark shirt. This type of dress is suitable for people with a muscular upper body and slim legs. Football players, due to frequent running, have relatively small legs compared to their upper body. Cristiano Ronaldo’s style of dress helps to focus the eyes on toned legs.

4. Knee-length pants + shirt for hot days

When traveling with family, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fashion chooses a style that is both comfortable but still exudes elegance and masculinity. It’s a shirt and knee-length shorts.

It’s just knee-length shorts, but when wearing a denim shirt and adding a jacket of the same color as the pants, Cristiano Ronaldo creates an elegant and attractive look. He completes the set with loafers and a military blue canvas backpack.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is very fond of white pants. Not only white pants, he also owns white shorts. These pants can be combined with many colored shirts. This is a pretty convenient and simple way of dressing for men when traveling, walking around…

5. Striking textures bring a little fresh touch

As someone who is not afraid to try new things, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fashion style also changes over time. Lately, you can see him wearing some striking patterned outfits. This style helps the image of the player become more edgy and contemporary.

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