QL The journey to rescue the elephant Pika Pika in the Tsavo ecosystem.

In a heartwarming tale amidst the wild expanse of Tsavo’s ecosystem, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) sprang into action to rescue an abandoned calf named Pika Pika.

Prompted by a distress call, the Voi Reintegration Unit swiftly mobilized, guided by detailed aerial photographs confirming Pika Pika’s vulnerable state amidst mature bull elephants.

Image 1978

During a routine patrol over Taita’s ranch, Keith Hellyer, a pilot partnered with Wildlife Works, stumbled upon a poignant scene.

A young calf, still reliant on its mother’s milk, navigated cautiously among five adult bull elephants, lacking the security of a herd.

Image 1979

The rise in human-wildlife conflicts has left numerous calves vulnerable and seeking refuge among adult males ill-equipped to provide sustenance.

Fortunately, intervention arrived in the KWS, rescuing Pika Pika from her precarious predicament.

Our commitment to Pika Pika’s well-being remains unwavering. We dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to her care, ensuring she thrives until the day she can roam freely once more in Tsavo’s wilderness, symbolizing hope and resilience amidst the challenges faced by wildlife.

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