Pity the child with a hand with a birth defect that makes it difficult to do daily activities

The enormous hands of an eight-year-old Kaleem boy residing in India have surprised physicians. Each of Kaleem’s hands weighs up to 8 kilograms and measures up to 33 centimeters from palm to middle fingertip. This deformity caused me many difficulties in life. The child was incapable of dressing himself or tying his shoelaces. In addition, Kaleem’s classmates taunted and tormented her so frequently that she did not dare attend school.

Although she wishes to treat her child, Kaleem’s family is in a very difficult financial circumstance. It is known that the boy’s family has a monthly income of only 15 USD. Mr. Shamim, her 45-year-old father, always faulted himself for his inability to treat his son’s illness. Despite this, Kaleem was taken to a local clinic for testing.

In this instance, the specialist stated that the boy’s case is extremely rare and its cause is still unknown. Aside from the anomalous development of his hand, the boy’s health is entirely normal, the doctor added. However, if no action is taken, Kaleem’s cardiovascular system will be compromised and his life will be at risk. Dr. Krishan Chugh, head of the Fortis Research Institute’s (India) Pediatrics Department, stated that it was highly probable that the boy had lymphangioma or extra histiocytoma.

The positive news is that these diseases are both curable. However, he was unable to reach a conclusion until he personally examined the child. This provided new optimism for Kaleem’s parents. They are attempting to save money for the treatment of their child. View a series of photographs of the impoverished child with enormous hands:

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