Parents are faced with a challenging decision regarding their daughter’s leg, weighing the option of amputating her leg or subjecting her to numerous potentially life-threatening surgeries.

Freya, an adorable girl, was born with an extremely rare condition. She had no bones in her legs, which meant that she could only move by crawling on her knees.

Her parents, Danielle, 27, and Michael Gibbs, from Llandysul, Carmarthenshire, Wales, did not know about Freya’s condition until she was born. On September 7, 2017, Freya came into the world weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Initially, doctors thought she might have clubfoot syndrome, but they soon realized that her legs were bowed and she couldn’t move them. At 18 months, Freya was diagnosed with bilateral tibial hemimelia, a rare lower extremity deformity thought to occur in one in a million births.

Gibbs commented: “Her feet were in an awkward position, her knees weren’t working and her legs were in a fixed position. Two weeks later, she was diagnosed with bilateral tibial hemimelia. ‘Bilateral’ means it affects both legs. Further tests revealed that it also it had a hole in its heart, though it is not clear why or what kind of defect it was.”

Her parents were concerned that her daughter would never be able to walk, as the absence of bones caused her legs to turn inward. They could choose to put Freya through multiple painful surgeries to try to rebuild her shins, or consider amputating her legs.

Danielle said, “Words cannot describe how proud we are of Freya. The first time Freya was able to walk outside and hold mom and dad’s hand, it felt like a miracle and made us so proud. The little things that most people take for granted they are very important to us. We decided it would be best to remove his legs and allow him to get used to life without them from an early age.”

The amputation of her legs has actually given Freya a freedom that she would not otherwise have experienced. Despite her difficulties, her parents are excited to see her enjoying outdoor activities and playing with her older sister, Olivia. Freya quickly adapted to her prosthesis and now she can move and explore the world like any other girl her age.

Freya’s story and her inspiring courage are a testament to her parents’ unconditional love and her determination to provide him with the best quality of life possible. Despite the challenges she faces, Freya continues to push herself and prove that there are no limits to what she can achieve.

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