Paralyzed dog can’t move normally until miracle happens

The story of the dog, which we want to tell now, has a happy ending.

The dog was discovered by the shelter staff after they saw him looking for food.

The nickname in the shelter was given to the newcomer unpretentious – Bandit. And from that moment on, his existence ceased to be dull.

The dog was washed from street dirt, freed from harmful parasites, and they constantly pleased the former tramp with delicious food.

After a while, the Bandit was assigned a new place of residence – a prison …

There, people serving sentences were given the opportunity to have a pet and take care of it completely.


This practice is useful not only for those who ended up behind bars, but also for stray animals. Otherwise, their fate is euthanasia, euthanasia.

The bandit became a very beloved dog. His new owners became very attached to him. But he could not live with them for long. The dog’s hind legs failed. The only thing left to do was to teach the Bandit to move around in a wheelchair designed specifically for dogs.

The bandit was returned to the shelter, whose employees for a very long time could not find new owners for him. True, there were cases when the dog was taken away. But, alas, not for long. And soon the dog returned to the shelter again. So the Bandit’s fate is already predetermined?

But luckily there were still people who wanted to take him to them.

They were Sue and Darell Ryder. They, as soon as they saw an ad about this dog, immediately went to the shelter. The fact is that Darrell himself has long been moving with the help of a wheelchair. And he knows perfectly well how difficult it all is. However, it is always easier to deal with difficulties together, and not alone.

Husband and wife did everything to make their new dog feel good with them. And the Bandit was not slow to make friends with Sue and Darell’s second dog.

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