“Overcoming Pain: Stand by This Fighting Dog”

Isumu – A Journey From Pain to Happiness
""On a road full of hidden corners and pain, there is a dog named Isumu, who has never known the taste of love. He was abandoned, wandering near a shelter, his life just a non-stop fight.
""The large and bloody wound around his neck was a testament to the relentless battle that Isumu had gone through. The painful marks on his body, from the rigid shackles to the long claws, made every step he took an inescapable pain. His body was even a place containing wounds of brutality, with the smell of rotten flesh spreading everywhere.
""But even though devastated by pain, Isumu’s eyes still shined with hope, a small ray of light amid the fierce storm of life. He also knows how to experience fear, humility and hope. In the darkness of his suffering, Isumu silently prayed, praying that someone would come and take him out of this nightmare.
""And then, a volunteer appeared, a small ray of light in Isumu’s dark life. He was taken to a shelter, where all the injuries on his body were cared for and given the necessary medical therapy. He was placed on a comfortable bed where he could rest peacefully. Isumu is washed and given enough food and water. And for the first time after many days of being lost, he felt the warmth of love and care from the people around him.
""Day 10, Isumu began to recover. The wounds on his body gradually healed, and the wounds on his other half began to open. His hair began to grow back, his eyes gradually became brighter than ever, filled with joy and satisfaction.And the 80th day finally came, a kind family appeared, wanting to take a dog into their arms. When they saw Isumu, they couldn’t help but love him. They felt the strength and perseverance hidden under his tough exterior and knew that he was the companion they had been waiting for. Isumu’s new family brought him home, where unconditional love and care awaited him.
No longer having to endure pain and loneliness, Isumu has finally found a home and a real family. From the arduous war, he became the hero of his life, carrying unexpected hope and happiness in his heart.

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