Older dog can’t stop crying when he sees his owner after 3 months apart

A girl named Hannah Foraker is an ordinary soldier of the American army in the city of Cleveland. For the first time in her entire career, Hannah was sent on an exercise far from home, to Oklahoma.



She was absent for 3 months, and all this time, together with her parents, an elderly dog, Buddy, was waiting for her at home.



While Hannah was away, Buddy the golden retriever’s behavior changed a lot. She has arthritis and is also hard of hearing, which made it difficult for her to go up and down stairs. Hour walks gave way to a short stay in the fresh air.

When the girl returned home and Buddy saw her, she was shocked. She lay down next to her beloved mistress and laid her head on her knees, hugging her paw. It seemed that she was ready to kiss her for joy.

As Hanna later said, during the time she was at home, the dog became cheerful and active. She began to play and could even dance a cheerful dance. Buddy is already 13 years old, and the girl is very afraid that one day she will not be, and she will never see her favorite again.

Watch the touching video of their meeting after 3 three months of separation. If you liked this video, be sure to share it with your friends!

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