“Old dog stuck in river, volunteers kindly rescue and bring joy”

This is the inspiring story of Biggie the German shepherd’s river rescue mission. An emergency phone call was made to Hope For Paws.
On the banks of the Los Angeles River, a lost dog was stranded. While all the neighbors tried to find help, they decided to feed him for weeks. That river is far away and has no access from either side.
Unfortunately, the wonderful staff at Hope For Paws were not prepared for this particular task. But with the support of neighbors, they quickly gathered the necessary tools for this rescue.
And a miracle happened: with a little kindness and patience, the dog went from being scared to being their close companion.
This touching video is truly a testament to the power of human love and kindness. Biggie the German Shepherd was rescued from the Los Angeles River by the amazing staff at Hope For Paws, and these images are truly a testament to their dedication and enthusiasm.
"imagen"Angels must make up the entire Hope For Paws organization! I really appreciate what they do for abandoned and lost animals like Biggie the German shepherd.
"imagen"Let’s share this video to spread love and the power of solidarity and sharing!

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