Mother and daughter recreate the splendor on the red carpet with simple household items that make everyone excited.(QP)

A talented duo from Turkey continues to surprise us with their creative approach. This mother and daughter recreate the most extravagant red carpet looks with nothing but supplies found at home.

Alya and Stefani’s journey to DIY celebrity looks started when then 3-year-old Stefani was “trying on” fruit, vegetable, and flower clothing with the help of perspective. Since then, this talented mother-daughter team has advanced and recreated iconic dresses of celebrities such as Zendaya, Rihanna, Adele, and many more.

Nowadays, Stefani’s Instagram page, which is managed by Alya, has over 654K followers. So if you are a fan of these looks, don’t forget to support them on their social media pages.

To learn more about this duo, Bored Panda reached out to Alya, who kindly answered our questions. We were wondering how, over time, they have managed to maintain their mother-daughter bond. Alya shared: “Our mother-daughter bond is very special! We enjoy it to the fullest! We spend a lot of everyday time together talking and sharing a laugh. I will always be my child’s best friend & her safe place.”

It has been 3 years since we shared the last update on their work. Therefore, we were curious to know how the creative process has evolved over this time.

“My recreations became more detailed. I definitely spend much more time on each costume. I love to pay attention to the small details. It’s a fun process that I really enjoy! I use paper, cardboard, and garbage bags the most,” shared Alya.

1.Tyra Banks



4. Rihanna

5.Nicole Kidman

6. Kylie Jenner

7. Bella Hadid

8. Cardi B

9. Jennifer Lopez

10.  Millie Bobby Brown

11. Zendaya

12.  Lady Gaga

13. Runway Model

14. Angela Bassett

15. Adele

16. Hala

17. Celine Dion

18. Rihanna

19. Diana, Princess Of Wales

20. Priyanka Chopra

21. Penélope Cruz

22. Leonie Hanne

23. Zendaya


25. Cardi B

26. Taylor Swift

27. Zendaya

28. Cate Blanchett


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