Miniature versions of wild animals can melt your heart.(QP)

Jyo John Mulloor is back onwith a bunch of new images featuring adorable little versions of wild animals. These cuties are so small, they could fit right in the palm of your hand. The project, titled “Macro World”, has already won over many people.

Jyo John Mulloor began his career as a digital artist in 2006 and has maintained an “unwavering passion” to pursue personal projects alongside his daily job as a designer. “I vividly recall the exhilaration I felt when Bored Panda finally featured my Human Head Helmet in 2013, which only served to fuel my creative drive even further. I continue to nurture this passion, constantly generating innovative ideas to showcase captivating visuals that push the boundaries of what is possible within my craft,” the artist shared with Bored Panda.

“Despite my years of experience as a visual artist, I remain as passionate as ever about exploring new frontiers in the world of art and technology. AI has opened up a world of possibilities that I never thought possible, and I look forward to seeing where this exciting new journey takes me.”

Jyo John Mullor has previously described to us what his creative process looks like. It all starts with brainstorming an idea. He begins by sketching out some rough visuals in a book, before moving on to creating the images using specific prompts.

Scroll down for that ‘awww’ moment. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and upvote your favorite animals!

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